Monday, May 24, 2010

Dress Like a Hippie Girl

Step 1 - Think flowing and peaceful when selecting clothes to look like a hippie girl. Long, flowing skirts and dresses are essential in a wardrobe of any girl hippie. Tunic tops and peasant blouses also work.

Step 2 - Make or buy their own shirts dyed, as they are almost as iconic as the hippie generation itself. You can buy tie-dye kits in most craft stores or general retail or tie-dye shirts in many shops and street fairs.

Step 3 - Use a headband or put a flower in her hair. Long hair in the wind was also very popular during the hippie movement, so wear your hair long, if it is possible to look like a hippie girl.

Step 4 - Look for Gaza. fringed items were very popular at the time, like a fringed vest, jacket, skirt or boots. Many of these items can be found at vintage or consignment shops.

Step 5 - Add symbol of peace in clothing that identifies you as a true hippie girl. pins and buttons or earrings peace sign peace sign hippie accessories are common.

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