Monday, June 21, 2010

65% To The Right Side

Would you believe that most people tilt their heads on the right when kissing instead of turning to the left? Yup, and almost 65 percent of them do the same thing.

But why is that so? Is there a moderator that tells them to turn their head on the right side? I’ve read an article explaining about this thing.

Actually, the reason why most people turned their head on the right side is because most people are right handed. Can you get it?

However, you can tilt your head whichever direction you’re comfortable with. As we know, kissing is the most romantic thing that two people can get.

I remembered when I kissed my boyfriend for the first time. But then, instead of turning his head right, he turned to the left side. I’m not surprised about it because I know he’s left handed.

And since it was my first attempt, I was so nervous. With the so-called “practice” I learned how to do it right.

Although, Rex was busy with his wholesale clothing business, still he has the time to give me a great kiss before going to bed LOL! There are many ways to kiss your partner and it can be great if both of you will close your eyes.

In this way you will feel how romantic it is. You may ask how it feels to kiss someone. Have you experience staying in a place wherein there’s no ventilation. That’s how it feels when you kissing…hehehe.

Rex has a soft lips and I really love kissing him. Before, I kissed him seven times a day. One kiss before going to bed, two kisses while watching TV, two kisses before eating and two kisses after getting shower. That’s how I loved my husband.

But since he’s busy managing his cute wholesale clothing store, I forgot to kiss him before going to bed because it’s already late at night when y he used to go home.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to show your love to your partner through kissing. For those who have not experienced kissing yet, just wait for the right person and you’ll see how romantic it is.

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