Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fashion Related Jobs

fashion-related industries are in a variety of different hands-on work in textiles, photography financially smarter professions, such as a work in retail. Because fashion is a complex industry that spans several continents, find the right job in the fashion involves understanding the abilities they possess, and what training they are ready to submit.

Fashion Designers

A successful fashion designer should have an idea of the three main areas: technical terminology fashion, art and basic operation of the production process. Learn the difference between haute couture, pret-a-wear and sportswear, for example, is vital for any fashionista flourishing. In addition, a fashion designer should understand that a slight change in design can cost several thousand dollars during the production process. Fashion designers traditionally start working as assistants to fashion designers. Two to four years of study at an academy of design is the best basis for a designer. By designing collections that attract significant attention, fashion designers have a reputation and other working committees. From 2010, a fashion designer has a salary range of $ 18.000 to $ 200.000 a year.

Fashion photographers

Despite fashion photographers not design the clothes, their visual interpretations of a dress or accessory in a model can often be vital to the success of the brand. While no formal education is required, a fashion photographer must be prepared to work odd hours and accept assignments without much notice. A complete portfolio of photographs that show the photographer's style and vision often lead to other jobs. In some cases, a photographer can become a member of staff of a magazine or other publication, although most fashion photographers are used independently. From 2010, the average wage for a fashion photographer is $ 26,000, with a final widest maximum of $ 100,000.


Retail of fashion is the easiest part of the industry in which they engage. Almost every town has some kind of fashion outlet, whether in the form of a chain store or a large boutique. Those interested in building a stable career in fashion shops can often be a post graduate from entry level employee to a managerial position in the course of several years. No formal education is required, but field experience is helpful, and ultimately leads to promotion. Operating a successful sales business requires managers to understand the tastes of their customers and stock accordingly. The salary of a junior employee can reach as high as $ 60,000 from 2010.

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