Thursday, April 8, 2010

Makeover Tips & Pointers

Many people consider having a makeover to boost their confidence, help them get a new lease on life after a breakup, or prepare them for a new job search. Whatever the reason, a makeover should address the wardrobe, face and hair. Some basic tips will help anyone perk up her look and feel fabulous.


A wardrobe makeover can be quite expensive, so start with basic pieces and mix and match them with fresh, interesting accents. Choose a few basic well-constructed pieces in black, brown and gray. Choose accessories and shoes that add burst of colors and express your personal style. No matter what your body type, a good wardrobe will highlight your best assets and create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Accent a small waist. If you have nice legs, choose skirts that tastefully reveal them. Well-defined arms should go sleeveless. Don't forget to wear the proper undergarments. Wearing the proper support and body shapers under the garment will make you look your best.


Drab-looking hair can benefit from a fresh cut and color application. When looking for a different haircut, consider the shape of you face. Oval and diamond-shaped faces can carry a wide range of styles. Because of their perfect proportions hair looks best pulled away from the face. Avoid covering the face with heavy bands or styling the hair forward. Oblong and square-shaped faces should wear short to medium-length hair with fullness at the sides. Layered haircuts soften their straight lines. Round and heart-shaped faces looks best with hair chin length or longer. Round faces can carry full crowns or slicked-back styles, but a heart-shaped face should stay away from them. When it comes to hair color, dark, olive skin looks better with dark hair. Deep auburn and brunette hair color perks up yellow skin tones. Pink skin should have hair in neutrals like beige blond and chocolate brown and stay away from red hues.


A person making over the face should consider having a series of revitalizing facials to give the skin a fresh, youthful appearance. Have eyebrows shaped to fit the size of features on your face. If you have small eyes and delicate features, eyebrows should be thinner. Larger facial features merit thicker eyebrows. Open the eyes by removing enough hair to create a gentle arch in the shape of the eyebrow. What color hair you have should come into play when choosing new makeup. Redheads should go with eye shadow palettes that feature rich brown, taupe pale gold, coppers, deep eggplant, burgundy and khaki green. Cover lips in peach, warm pink and honey-kissed mauve. Blondes will come alive in cool shades of taupe, pinks, pastels or plum-colored eye shadows. Their lips should wear pink, whether they are peachy, brown, sandy, rosy mauve or red-tinged shades. Brunettes can carry shimmery eye shades like silver taupe, mocha gold, bronze, blues, purple plums or green with deep berry, plum, bronze, wine or true red on the lips.

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