Thursday, April 22, 2010

Modern Lingerie Portrays “Dessous-Dessus”

Lingerie was basically developed for women who wanted alteration of their body shape, hygiene and modesty.

During the early discovery, lingerie is generally underwear for women made slimmer and more comfortable compared to typical underwear.

Many have been criticizing lingerie for its unusual and sexy appeal. Now, lingerie is part of the dress code for women and is now used in fashion in a completely different manner.

Slowly the sexual appeal of modern wholesale lingerie was developed internationally. Here are some of the lingerie types for women:

The French word “dessous-dessus”, which means ‘innerwear as outerwear’ is the basic concept of lingerie in fashion world. Many designers nowadays use lingerie for sexy outerwear.

Several fashion shows’ main theme is lingerie for it catches huge attention from many nationwide audience and is currently trendy and very fashionable.

· Babydoll

· Bikini

· Bloomers

· Badysuit

· Brassiere

· Corset

· Garter

· Girdle

· Leotard

· Night gown

· Panties

· Tanga

· Unitard

Lingerie is now used not only as underwear but also as a fashion outerwear. No one could resist the seduction made possible by the alluring lingerie outfits. Lingerie put up a good name for underwear. Most of us consider underwear as non fashion garment that are designed to be kept inside but now it is an elegant dress for women.

Many wholesale distributors have included selling lingerie in the wholesale clothing division. The demand is currently high and many are in need of such. Distributors mostly drop ships lingerie clothing to the fashion designers and fashion companies that sells lingerie in the local market.

For instance, Victoria’s Secret is a popular company known for selling fashionable and quality lingerie clothing worldwide. They have been adored by many shoppers because of the unique and prestigious way they manage their company. The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show displays the company’s own interpretation of lingerie fashion. No doubt lingerie transformation from yesterday is really evident.

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