Friday, February 26, 2010

4 Sure-fire Tips in Getting Best Priced Wholesale Clothing

The wind is getting cold and children are making their improvised instruments. This means Christmas day is nearly approaching. And for sure, you are now planning to buy gifts for your kids and god kids. As well all know, many of us can’t afford to buy expensive items. But then, we want presentable and excellent gifts. Is it possible? Well, the answer is an applauding YES! Best priced wholesale clothing is common this peak season. And having these as gifts is a good idea. There are regular stores that you can rely on. But what’s more important is to read these helpful tips not only the best priced apparels but also those that are good quality.

1. Look for the best wholesale clothing distributor

Don’t just rely on prices. It could be better if you search the best wholesale distributor as much as possible. Otherwise, you won’t get best deals and discounts. And besides, you can assure to get that quality that you’re looking for. The good thing about these wholesale liquidators is that they are buying their items directly to manufacturers and direct importers. Usually, you can save 60-80 % when buying from wholesale liquidators out there in which you can’t find to other distributors.

2. Check the legitimacy of the store

As customers, it’s your duty to assure the legality of the product you’re buying. Always bear in mind to ask for clearance sales before buying. There are companies that offer 90-95 percent clearances sales. Not just to assure the legality of the product. Asking for clearance sales can also let you inform about their pricing. In this way, you can assure to get lower prices as possible.

3. Look for wholesale companies that offer "free shipping"

Obviously, you have to look for a store that offers free shipping especially if you’re from a far place. There are companies that charge a specific amount for shipping which sounds not good. As customers, it’s your right to receive your order without any damage. And besides, it’s the company’s duty to assure the security.

4. Look for a company that does not offers minimum order

Since you’re looking for wholesale products to serve as gifts, you have to look for a wholesale store of course. There are wholesale stores that offer minimum amount of $500 - $ 1000 per order. This sounds not good. What if you can’t afford to have such amount of money? Hence, it is always advisable to look for wholesale stores.

These proven tips from the customers are very important when shopping. Always remember that money is hard to get especially these days. So, we have to be practical at all cost. Wholesale clothing can be a good idea instead of buying individual items out there.

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