Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Words of Goodbye

Let me tell you a story. This one is based on my own experience. It all started when I was 16 years old. While playing outside the park here in Los Angeles, I met a boy. He was just an average kind of boy, yet there’s something unique about him.

He was so quiet. Every time I tell a story, he just stares at me and say nothing. Until one day, I told him about the guy who broke my heart. He just comforted me and told me that “to get hurt is part of being loved”.

Our high school graduation came and we were excited the go to college. Everything was ready. My mom has just visited a wholesale clothing store downtown to buy my graduation dress; my dad was coming home for the celebration; the graduation party was all set.

On the day of the graduation, he didn’t show up. I called their house but no one answered. The ceremony was almost over when I got the news. He got into an accident and died right away. My whole world crumbled; I forgot the graduation party; I even forgot college. He was the only person keeping me sane these years, and now I lost him.

After the funeral, his mother gave me his diary. It was already scraped and worn, some pages were even loose. Page after page, tears flowed from my eyes. Everything finally became clear to me. But it’s too late already. I can never get back the past. It was what he wrote at the end that broke my heart.

“Today I will tell her I love her.” It hurts knowing that I’ll never be able to tell him back how much I love him. how sad.

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