Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top Four Panties Every Girl Should Have

As you guys may know, DressilyMe.com has launched the sexy lingerie which covers from bra sets to babydolls. And we also provide panties. As an everyday underwear, panties come in all shapes, fabrics and colors and allow you to have lots of coverage or barely any coverage at all. Whether your lingerie drawer is in need of an upgrade, or if you are not sure what to wear under your new sundress, just read on! The below panties will be great options in your wardrobe.

1. Lace Thongs

To many girls, thongs are probably too outrageous and sexy. But in fact, they are so comfortable! And I do believe that lace thongs are so amazing that no one can resist its glamour. Aside from the comfort factor, these thongs never create panty lines, because they lie perfectly flat against your skin and almost blending into it. Exactly, they work well under just about everything. You would just be set for any occasion with a drawer full of lace thongs.

2. Low rise Bikinis

As a basic, go-to underwear, low-rise bikinis can be the most widely worn style amongst women worldwide. With the string bikini type, the side sections disappear altogether and the waistband consists of only string-like material. They comfortable, can work well under jeans, dresses and with more coverage than a thong but less than a boy short.

3. Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts are a style named after men's briefs and may have short legs extending below the crotch. They are great under dresses or anything with more flowy construction since they provide typically safe coverage. As you can probably imagine, you will have no need to worry anything revealed on a windy day when wearing a boy short under your skirt.

4. Wild Style Undies

We have focused on the basics and must-have pieces that will work well under specific garments. However, chances are that you want to have fun. Perfectly, wild style panties can make you feel pretty, sassy, and flirty all at once! Such as the leopard print panties, wild undies are an instant pick-me-up, and a secret shot of confidence, even if you are wearing sweats, you will feel sexy knowing you have fabulous lingerie on underneath. So just have fun with it, girls! Since there are a great variety of cuts, prints, patterns, neons and even as a part of a matching set, you are bound to find a favorite piece that can satisfy your needs.

Which Type is Your Essential Underwear?

What is your favorite style of panties? What type is your everyday lingerie then? Or do you have any other styles to recommend? Just leave your comment and let us know.

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