Monday, July 2, 2012

Would You Wear Sheer Babydolls?

As a short nightgown, babydoll is typically sexy, loose-fitting with an empire waist and thin straps. Although it has been a popular women's innerwear since 60s, it seems to find its way back into fashion year after year. Today at, we are discussing this sexy lingerie in a new trend -- the Sheer Babydolls.

Using varying kinds of see-through fabrics can also serve to emphasize different spots on women's body, the visible babydolls are super seductive, have sweet, feminine quality, and easily can arouse your significant someone in ways that everyday lingerie does not. Whether you have a lingerie party to go or just want to add some seduction to your look, below are some fabulous sheer babydolls you will love.

Burnout Lace Babydoll & Matching thong

Sexy Mesh & Lace Babydolls

Tie-up & Silk Hems Babydoll

Tips on How to Wear Sheer Babydolls

Personally, I think sheer lingerie is cute and fun for summer, so long as it is worn the right way. If you are going to attempt it, just read it on and make an effort to wear it right.
  • Wear the visible babydolls with leggings if you would like to be sexier. This works well for those who may feel too old to wear this style. Select long leggings that cover most of your legs.
  • Consider the color and material. A lacy red babydoll sends out a much different vibe than a black babydoll, for example.
  • Keep semi covered! We are going for subtle sexy, not stripper sexy.
  • Try matching with high heels to further emphasize that this was no fashion mistake.
  • Wear with confidence! Let your special someone knows your look is intentional by really owning it, and not fidgeting with anything you are wearing.

What Do You Think?

How do you think of this sexy lingerie? Would you rock a visible babydoll? Do you think there is a better and wrong way to wear this innerwear? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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