Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What to Wear to Work: 3 Professional and Stylish Office Dresses

Although for many girls, office attire means a little bit overdressed, I'm personally excited about it, not only because of the skinny pencil dresses, elegant blazers, but also the practical pumps. Whether you are heading to an interview, or just landed a brand new job, chances are that you will face with a new problem: what to wear and how to wear professionally. If you are facing the same problem, read on for some inspiration!

General Rules to Follow for Office Dresses

  • It’s always better to be over dressed than be grossly under-dressed for work.
  • Ask someone in the workplace if there’s a dress code that needs to be followed.
  • Figure out your office dress code. A smart way is to look around and see how other colleagues dress in order to get general idea of the type of outfits you are expected to wear.
  • You can still incorporate your personal style into outfits, but just make sure your clothes fit with your workplace.
  • Cover up with a lightweight blazer or jacket if workplaces don’t allow bare arms.
  • Depending on specific dress codes, peep-toe shoes or even dressy sandals may be your option, but make sure to avoid wearing flip-flops!

3 Professional and Stylish Office Dresses at DressilyMe.com

Whether you are working at a conservative office or interning someplace a little more lax, here are 3 summer-appropriate office dresses that are both professional and polished. What's more, they are typically a perfect option for any of semi-formal events.

Featuring high collar neckline in fitted bodice, his cocktail dress is made of stretch satin while the skirt is made of chiffon. It comes with a side zipper closure.

This polished office dress features a V neckline in fitted bodice. The upper bodice is made of chiffon while the skirt is made of satin. It comes with a zipper closure.

This dress is made of chiffon, featuring v neckline in fitted bodice. The nit cut and beautiful pleats make it astonished. It comes with a side zipper closure.

What Do You Think?

How do you think of the above office dress? Do you think they are appropriate to wear in your workplace? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

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