Wednesday, March 3, 2010

5 Slimming Style Tricks

Haven’t lost those last 5 pounds yet? Don’t fret! From the ultimate slimming accessory to advice on what kind of pants to avoid, we’ve got 6 sure-fire ways to make you look longer and leaner. The best-part?: These tips work for both guys and gals!

1) Be a Cardie Shark:

Investing in a high-quality, light-weight cardigan—especially one with a slightly longer-than-usual cut. When buttoned-up, the sweater’s dapper-looking front creates a sleek, slimming vertical line and when worn open—to reveal a pants’ or skirts’ waistline—the contrast of horizontal lines makes legs look longer. Special bonus for the boys: A cool cardigan serves as a great suit jacket substitute for Casual Fridays.

2) Get Waisted:
While some are hesitant to emphasize their waist (which is often a trouble spot for gym-bunnies and couch potatoes alike), a cinched center creates the illusion of a lean’n’fit silhouette. So whatever you wear, belt it up before heading out the door! For guys this includes dress pants, khakis, and even jeans, while women should experiment by layering a belt over light-weight sweaters, long blouses, and sheath dresses to give some shape to their figure.

3) Cultivate the ¾ Length Coat Look
Owning a trim-looking outerwear garment is crucial: After all, it’s what many a colleagues and acquaintance see first when greeting you. To make a powerful initial impression, look for a coat that hits at the mid-thigh. Cold-weather versions with buttons on the top part of the coat make girls’ gams look supermodel-long while guys wearing similarly structured jackets turn into statuesque gents.

4) Go Full Blazer:
A dark-hued, well-fitting blazer is a wardrobe must-have for both sexes. (The most flattering proportions for almost any shape nip in slightly at the waist and hit just below the hip.) To make the most of this polished look, wear jacket unbuttoned and pair with a light-colored shirt: This contrast of hues in the center of your torso transforms your silhouette into one long, clean line from head to toe. This creates the all-important optical allusion of making your waist look thinner than it really is.

5.) Get the Perfect Pant:
Figuring out the ideal trouser length can be tricky stuff. A good rule of thumb is the longer the pant, the longer the legs appear. Another good rule: Never let your socks show! Ladies especially should remember this when wearing trousers with heels: If the pant skims the top of the foot it’s too short and can make the wearer seem squat. But don’t get too carried away when telling the tailor to add inches at the cuff: Floor-grazing pants will only make you seem sloppy, not lanky

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