Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Avoid Fleeting Fashion Styles

#Step 1- Develop and keep your own style. Trust your instincts about what looks best with your coloring, habits, personality and place in the world.

#Step 2- Adopt what you truly like, but recognize that it may not be the last word forever.

#Step 3- Understand the process. Be aware of why, as well as when, a trend is cooling. Fashion trends and fads can happen because a style is cool (heavy-soled shoes) or fun (temporary tattoos) or even shocking (lingerie as outerwear).

#Step 4- Adapt the style you want to adopt. For example, is everyone wearing short shorts but you just can't? Add a piece of fabric or ribbon to your hems so you can wear them short but not as short as everyone else.

#Step 5- Mix trendy pieces with classic ones.

#Step 6- Break some rules; bend others. If the fashion is large breasts, get a maximizer bra and avoid the more radical surgery route. If straight hair is in, use large rollers and blow-dry your hair before you chemically straighten your ringlets.

#Step 7- Develop confidence: Take a class, read fashion magazines, get a makeup lesson, get your colors done.

#Step 8- Learn about fashion, style, tips and tricks, then go out and make your own fashion news.

Tips & Warnings
  • Take a long look at yourself before you go on a shopping safari. Will those capris go with your voluptuous body type and your weakness for biker boots?
  • Realize that a stylish woman with purple hair can carry it off if she's confident.
  • Impulse buys are for gratification in haste and repentance at length.

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