Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Play Dress Up Like Famous People

Having the right clothes & accessories can make the difference between looking like an average Joe or a Hollywood celebrity when it comes to dressing up. No matter what the occasion a costume party, Halloween or a night of being silly dressing up like famous people can be fun, exciting & make you feel incredibly confident. Hollywood, here you come.

Exfoliate your skin in the shower using a homemade body scrub of sugar mixed with a bit of olive oil & water. One time your skin is smooth, rinse off, shave & pat your skin dry with a towel.

Tease your hair in to the perfect poof. To accomplish this trendy Hollywood hairstyle, dry & straighten your hair. Tease the hair along the crown of your head with a small comb. Follow with heavy amounts of hairspray. Gather your hair in to your desired poof height & secure your style with bobby pins. Follow with more hair spray.

Apply a self tanner to your skin. Permit several hours to pass for your golden glow to take on full effect.

Dress the part. Put on the fanciest ballgown or cocktail dress you own. If you are feeling a bit self conscious, try wearing a pair of control-top pantyhose or Spanx to help suck in your problematic areas. Don't forget the push up bra. The key is to "lift & separate."

Apply heavy makeup. The paparazzi on the red carpet spare no one, which means you will need to cover every blemish, wrinkle & broken capillary with epic amounts of foundation, concealer & powder. Follow this step with an overall sweep of bronzer & then apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Apply a brown, black or navy eyeliner to the top & bottom lids & smudge. Use glittery eye shadow on the lids. Finish with three coats of black mascara on the lashes. Use a Q-tip to tidy up any mistakes.

Accessorize. Put on a pair of strappy heels. The higher the heels, the better. Famous people stand out for a reason & adding some height to your getup will only make you look longer, leaner & more powerful. Use jewelry with caution. Accentuate either your ears or your neck with one, standout piece. much jewelry will take away from your beautiful hair, makeup & gown.

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