Tuesday, March 30, 2010

High Heels and Leg Pain

High heels look great, but can put too much pressure on your toes and throw off your natural gait. To keep your feet and legs free from pain, wear high heels only on occasion.

Perils of Down Stairs
WebMD reported on a study of ankle motion in women wearing 2,1/2-inch high heels while going down stairs. This resulting in an unsteady gait that put excessive pressure on the toes.

Tight Calves
PodiatryNetwork.com notes that any high heels, including those of men's cowboy boots, will cause tight calf muscles. Tight calves can cause foot arches to flatten, leading to leg and foot pain.

Tendon Tension
High heels can also cause tension in your Achilles tendons. The heel's lack of contact with the ground causes shortening in the tendon, leading to chronic pain.

Open Those Toes
ShoeIQ.com recommends open-toe high heels because they allow your toes room to stretch and essentially create a custom fit.

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