Monday, March 8, 2010

How to Seek a Personal Shopper

Finding a personal shopper can save you a lot of time, money and frustration when buying clothes. A nice personal shopper will know what sizes and styles work best on you and will filter out a lot of things that don't work. There's a few ways to seek a personal shopper and get the most out of your wardrobe makeover.


  • Take inventory of your closet. Look through your closet and figure out what clothes you need and where you can get them from. If your need is mostly for suits, you will be contacting a professional atelier or other suit maker. If you need a total closet makeover or are beginning a job and need professional pieces as well as a variety of new items, your best bet is to use a department store service.

  • Contact the wholesale store or atelier where you require to shop. Ask if they offer a personal shopping service. these services are free. You may be expected to purchase a positive amount of clothing, however, to be eligible for the service; that amount will vary by store & by your clothing needs

  • Set up an appointment to meet with a personal shopper at the store you have contacted. Your personal shopper may be a specialist in the type of clothing you need or someone on staff who has an opening. You may be asked to bring in some items that you like so the personal shopper can receive a sense of your personal style. The personal shopper will also take your measurements and perform an in-depth consultation with you about your clothing needs, because they may know better than you do about what would be appropriate for sure settings, locations and events. If you are unhappy with your personal shopper for any reason or feel that you are not connecting, don't waste your time. In lieu, speak to the manager of the personal shopping department before your shopper begins pulling items for you and ask to be matched up with someone else. You will be called in at a later date when your personal shopper has pulled pieces for you to try on.

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