Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wearing a Dress Belt

A belt is a fashionable accessory to any sort of dress that slims the waist or provides contrast against a dull material. The type of dress determines the width, color and pattern of the belt you should wear with it.

Examine how loosely the dress you're wearing fits. For form-fitting dresses choose a skinny belt to accentuate your curves. Dresses that hang loosely and don't show off your curves work best with a wide belt. The belt will hug your body and create a better shape.

Choose a patterned belt only with plain, neutral colors. Mixing a patterned belt with a bright or patterned dress will only clash and appear chaotic. On the flip side, choose a plain, solid-colored belt to wear with a bright-colored or patterned dress.

Situate a skinny belt below the rib cage but above your belly button. It creates the illusion of a smaller waistline without appearing too obvious and distracting from the dress itself. For a wide belt, situate it slightly higher and closer to the ribcage. Wider belts can add width when worn too close to the hips. The belt will draw the eyes up and away from the hips, creating a slimming look.

Choose dark colors for wide belts. Bright colors can add width instead of slimming your figure. For skinny belts, a bright color can work with a neutral or dull-colored dress. Avoid using a bright-colored belt with a bright-colored dress since this creates too much color and not enough contrast.

Avoid a wide belt with patterned dresses. Stick with the skinny belt, which will help dull down bright colors and patterns, making them easier on the eyes.

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