Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to Dress in Retro Clothes

Sometimes it seems like fashions these days are uninspired, while fashions of yesteryear are so much cooler. Don't settle for the same elderly clothes as everyone else when there is so much beauty & mystique in the fashions of previous generations, & it is within your grasp to sport those retro fashions. Retro clothes can give you a new persona, & whether you wear a pair of bell bottoms or you swap your entire wardrobe for matching tweed pencil skirts & jackets from the 1940s, your style will never go unnoticed again.


Pick a time period. If there is a decade in particular that you think has great fashions, select it as the basis for your first retro outfit---or maybe even for your entire wardrobe.


Study the fashion of that time period. You can find information from primary sources from that time period such as movies or old sewing patterns, or you can use secondary sources, such as books about that time period or Internet sites detailing retro styles.

Make a trip to the vintage store or thrift shop. If you are choosing retro fashion from more than 40 years ago, you'll have more luck going to a vintage clothing store to find items you like than to a thrift store, where only more recent clothes are still regularly donated and put on the shelves. Antique stores, usually more expensive, can also provide great retro finds.

Get yourself a sewing machine and learn to sew. This is essential for making sure you have all the retro essentials, for chances are you won't be able to find everything you need at the store. Plus, buying a new set of clothes can be expensive. Retro patterns can often be found online or at antique stores.

Find or make accessories. Accessories are essential for completing a retro outfit. Vintage purses, necklaces and neckties can be bought or handmade without much trouble or expense.

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