Monday, March 22, 2010

What Clothes Can a Rectangular-Shaped Woman Wear?

There's four basic body shape types: hourglass, pear, apple, and rectangular. The first four types have a bit of curves in both the upper and lower extremities. The rectangular body type has small or no curves. Because of the lack of curvature in the rectangular shape, it can be difficult to find clothes that look nice on you unless you know how to shop for and wear your clothes. The main thing to think about when dressing your rectangular shape is to generate curves with your clothing to give the illusion that you have curves on your body.

Flared or Straight-Legged Pants
Wear pants that give you shape or pants that highlight the shape you already have. For example, in lieu of choosing a tapered pant that will cling to your rectangular shape, select flared or straight-legged pants. By wearing a flared or straight-legged pant, you are adding shape and definition to your lower body, from the hips all the way down to your ankles.

Tapered Shirts
Select shirts that taper in at the waist in lieu of shirts that are loose fitting in this area. The reason for this is that the loose-fitting shirt will hide your curves and make you look rectangular or "boxy." This is the opposite of what you require to do. By choosing a shirt that tapers in at the waist, you are using your shirt to generate curves. Select shirts that have lower neckline, as opposed to the high necklines. You can also select shirts that have decorations around the neckline to add visual interest to the neck area.

A-Line Skirts
Stay away from straight-line skirts, since these straight lines will cause you to look rectangular. In lieu, wear A-line skirts. The A-line skirt literally flares out like the shape or the letter "A." The A-line skirt will give the appearance of shape to your lower body. Try to wear skirts that stop above or at the knees. This will permit the curvature of your calves to show.

Tapered Jackets
Wear a jacket that tapers in at the waist. For the length of the jacket, it should stop right below the waist. If you wear a jacket that is longer, you run the risk of the jacket covering up the curves of your hips, thus giving you a rectangular shape.

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