Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Dress Well All Day

Looking great all day is not something you achieve without investing time, effort and preparation. Dressing well goes beyond making the right clothing choices. Keep these points in mind as you choose clothing and prepare to dress well all day long.

Choose Clothes and Accessories

Step 1

Plan your activities for the day and determine what you will wear. Don't forget to choose a great coat or jacket to go over your outfit so you are well dressed all day.

Step 2

Look for clothes that flatter your figure. The correct size and cut of clothing will make a difference in the appearance of your shape.

Step 3

Remove shoulder pads to make you look less broad across the shoulders. Try different hem lengths to find the one that looks best for your leg shape and shoe height.

Step 4

Choose colors and pieces of clothing that match with others in your wardrobe to make the transition from one activity to the next an easy change.

Step 5

Dress in clothing colors that look good with your hair color and skin tone. Ask friends to help you determine great colors for you or go to a salon for advice.

Step 6

Match your purse and shoes to your outfit, keeping in mind the activities you will participate in throughout the day. Take a change of shoes if you plan to take a walk at lunch time or go out for a dressy occasion in the evening.

Step 7

Accessorize with the perfect jewelry. Choose something appropriate for your job but also try to select pieces to dress up your evening outfit.

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