Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Dress Like a Superstar

Behind every fabulously dressed Hollywood celebrity is a fabulously talented celebrity stylist. Or two. Or three. But you don't need your own fashion entourage if you want to look like a superstar. Closely track the latest red carpet trends and soon people will be whispering about you, "Isn't that somebody famous?

Read trashy supermarket tabloids. Those gossip magazines in the checkout lane won't be winning any Pulitzer prizes, but the ample supply of celebrity photos is worth studying for fashion tips. offers a celebrity-dirt fix and a chance to preview the latest Hollywood styles.

Track celebrity trends online. and offer day by day updates on what's hot on Sunset Boulevard.'s updates are less frequent but include more celebrities.

Watch the Oscars, Emmys and other major awards show. Nothing starts a trend faster than a new red carpet look. Spring special occasion dresses coincide with Oscar trends.

Follow a few soap operas. The lovelorn actress sobbing about her stolen identity might not be an "A-list" celebrity, but her stylist is in touch with what's hot in Hollywood.

Shop where celebrities shop. When in Los Angeles, check out Kitson, Madison and Lisa Kline on Robertson Boulevard and Gucci and Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive. Go to West Hollywood and browse through Fred Segal.

Copy celebrity looks for less money. offers a shopping guide to inexpensive knock-offs of what your favorite superstar is wearing. A good solution if you're not label conscious and shop on a budget.

Bid at a celebrity auction. Superstars donate their cast-offs to charity auctions to raise money for their favorite causes. You can wear items that actually hung in their closets--if you're willing to shell out more money than they probably paid for the clothes.

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