Friday, March 19, 2010

5 Steps to Your New Look

Lack of time, lack of money & life in general always manage to get in the way of a great wardrobe. Then again, Carolina Herrera, five of the world's most celebrated designers, is very always photographed in a crisp white button down, classically tailored black pants as well as a strand of pearls.

Most women have far more great outfits in their closets than they realize. Even the most stylish fashionista will regularly stare in to the mirror & mumble, "I have nothing to wear" as they reaches for the same staple ensemble she is worn limitless times.

While there is a lot to be said for finding what works & sticking to it, there is as well as a lot of fun in breaking from your method & remaking your look from the inside...of your closet!


Spring has sprung, and that means out with the coats and in with the blazers. Be sure to store your out of season items in a cool dry place so you can get excited about them all over again next Fall. If you have enough space, organize your closet into 2 separate sections - Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. And don't get dressed in the dark! Having your closet well lit and the current season easily accessible can make all the difference when you're rushing to get ready.


The more organized your wardrobe, the more likely you'll be to take advantage of every piece. To begin, separate your racks into sections: Tops, Dresses, Pants, Skirts. Second, organize each section by color and sleeve length. Make sure that every item has its own hanger. They're all equally wonderful pieces and deserve to hang alone. You can repeat the same process on your drawers, shoes, socks, and lingerie. If your work wardrobe rarely crosses over into your weekend gear, then "mullet" your closet: Business on one side, party on the other.


Here's the fun part: Try everything on! And that means everything, down to your panties. Invite your girlfriends over for a dress up party, serve mimosas, get inspired, and take photos of your favorite looks! Ideas will start flowing, and new outfits will begin emerging. Next, separate the items into three piles - Keeping in my closet, Giving Away, Taking to the tailor for an update. Don't be afraid to let go. Your wardrobe may look smaller when you're done, but this is about quality, not quantity. Only keep the pieces that make you feel your best.


Now that you're a bonified fashionista, take stock of what's missing from your wardrobe. A great belt can pull almost any look together. A sexy pair of jeans is a weekend must. Is your go-to black cocktail dress a bit outdated? Could you use a tailored ivory blazer to jazz up a lot of your looks? Make a list of the missing pieces and keep it with you at all times. Now that you're organized, say goodbye to buyer's remorse and shop confidently, knowing that each new item has a special place in your wardrobe.


When you spot that perfect blush pink skirt that matches seamlessly with 4 tops in your closet, buy it! But stick to your list, and NEVER settle for something that's just OK. Most fashion mistakes are made when we shop under the gun, or buy something that we NEED as opposed to something that we LOVE. If you stick with the love, you'll always be happy with how you look.

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