Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dress Styles That Flatter Curvy Women

Fashion is always evolving, and designers have certainly taken notice of women who are curvy and full figured. Whether you are looking for an office dress that is both professional and fun or a gown for a very special night out, there are great dress styles for the curvy woman. Don't focus on size---bodies are shaped differently. Focus on your positive features to find a dress that best flatters your body.

Use belts to draw in the waist on dresses. To generate longer, leaner lines, pair your shoes & stockings in the same color. For example, if you are wearing black hose, dress it with a black heel to complement the entire outfit. Don't be afraid of alterations. They can save you time trying to find that perfect fit.

Dresses for shorter women
Dresses, whether they are casual or formal should hit below the knee. This lengthens the appearance of the leg. Shorter women often find a princess cut or A-line dress flattering. Stay away from knit fabrics as they tend to cling.

Dresses for taller women
Try an empire cut dress if you are tall--- it skims the body & brings the eye upward. Avoid small animal or floral prints. Try a wider neckline or scoop neck to show off a tiny cleavage.

Formal Gowns
Wearing a formal gown on a special occasion makes you feel stunning, no matter what size you are. Select a gown with a dark color on the bottom & a lighter color on top. Keep with the empire or A-line dress style that best fits your body. If you feel uncomfortable going sleeveless, select a gown with detailed sleeves or a beaded, tailored jacket to accompany the dress.

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